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The inspiration for my business came from planning our own wedding in 2014. Photography was my domain and the one and only decision I was able to make on my own!! Throughout my research and enquiries, I realised the importance of capturing and keeping those special moments for years to come. Even now, we still occasionally get out our wedding album to reminisce.  

As one of the only suppliers that will spend the full day with you on your wedding day, you need to feel comfortable with me, so find out who's behind the camera...

Meet Dean

Dean Standring


I was always interested in photography from a young age. Before becoming a professional photographer, I was a fully qualified engineer and then Sales Director and I always used photography in my work. 

Now as a professional, my focus (forgive the pun!) always remains on three things: Light, Composition and Moments. "Marrying" all three together, in my opinion, is what creates the best lasting and timeless photographs. You don't have to worry about that though - that's what I do!

I love seeing the emotional and giddy reactions of brides and grooms when they see their photographs for the first time - even the first viewing is a rollercoaster of emotions. Couples often comment that they hadn't noticed some of the things going on and that's why it's important for me to capture as much as possible. 

Later on, presenting my couples with their handmade album often evokes a tear when they fall in love with their images over and over again!

Alongside my passion for photography, I am an ex professional water polo player. I love all sports (more watching than taking part these days), especially those that are water based. Getting out in the fresh air in my favourite place, Anglesey, helps me to explore my other passion of Landscape photography. 

I love wine and love to learn more when I'm travelling from excellent sommeliers. I pride myself on choosing good wines to match with my wife, Kate’s, excellent cooking. Oh, and a good brandy at the end of a long day shooting won't go a miss!


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